B&C Gakubuchi is the place that there are inevitable dailies look like miracles with a lot of small excitements.
The extraordinary it looks like a miracle is not accidental.
To feel the glamor of the town, it is a place to connect you to local & to connect you to people
To feel the of the town
You & local community
As your daily is like that.
As your town is like that.
The world you can see depends on you.
We hope you, local people & we, the all people related with B&C Gakubuchi can smile.
We are looking forward to seeing you at B&C Gakubuchi.


Check-in  16:00-22:00(There is no curfew.)
Check-out  -10:00

The real pleasures are “the interaction with people you don’t meet usually” & “to see the local deep attractions”.

Who want to have relaxing time.
Who want to interact with people cheerfully.
Who want to be alone only when you sleep.
We prepare various type of rooms for you, to provide a place you can feel comfortable at B&C Gakubuchi.

Please choose your ideal room & why don’t you have good time with us?

◼︎Female dormitory (10 people)
・The room is only for women.
・Shower room, washroom & powder room in the room. Even if it’s the first time for you to stay in a dormitory, you can stay in the room at ease.
・It’s the room designed to tickle your childlike mind & to raise woman’s spirit.

◼︎Mixed dormitory
・This room is basically for male only dormitory.
・The room is the same design as the semi-private room. You have to share 1 room with other guest. But you can use the room as dormitory.   
・Communal toilet, shower room & washroom

◼︎Japanese Private room(For 3 people)
・There is a loft in the room. So 3 people are available.
・It is a tatami room. We prepare 1 futon set for 1 people.
・Toilets and shower rooms are shared.

◼︎︎Japanese private room (For 4 people)
・Max 4 people are available.
It is a tatami room. We prepare 1 futon set for 1 people.
・Toilets and shower rooms are shared.


・free WiFi
・Shampoo, conditioner, bodysoap
・Some outlets with each bed
・Locker with a lock
・cotton swab & makeup cotton 
・Shared fridge
・Electric kettle 

・Tea, Greenrea & instant coffee
・Luggage keeping on the check-in & check-out day


・Rental bath towel: JPY100
・Toothbrush: JPY100
・Amenity set (Cleansing cream, face-washing foam, skin lotion, milky lotion) JPY500


*Please prepare your night-cloth by yourself.
*The lights-out time is AM0:00.
*There is no curfew. But if you go out or come back at midnight, please consider not to bother other guests in your room & neighborhood 
*Children under 16 years old are not acceptable to stay in the guesthouse.
*If you come to the guesthouse by car, we tell coined-parking nearby. 
*If you want to do the laundry, we tell you coin laundry nearby.


Cafe 8:00-11:00 
Snack Bar 16:00-23:00

Here is the place with a warm atmosphere such as a pub in the countryside in a cowboy movie.
Mama & staff are waiting for you with warm smiles that the local people can drop in freely & guests can gather easily.
You can enjoy the time & the encounter cut by a frame only you have as a daily like a miracle.


Drink & Snacks JPY500 each

・Mixed nuts
・Cocktail & etc… 
・The snack of tonight & etc…  
You can keep your bottle of Kyushu shochu.


・Coffee (Gakubuchi Blend)
・Milk coffee
・Tomato juice
・Liquid Yoghurt


There is a warm & cheerful snack bar & café on the 1st floor.
And a quiet & relaxing common space is at the window on the 2nd floor.
You can spend your time comfortably at a place that match the day's mood

*Toilets and shower rooms are shared.
*Anyone can use the snack bar & café on the 1st floor.
*We may refuse the following people to enter the bar & café or to stay in the guesthouse.
 ・Person who get dead drunk.
 ・Person who bother other people.
*In July, in Hakata Gion Yamagasa summer festival is held in Fukuoka city.

The Yamagasa run through the street in front of B&C Gakubuchi.
*Please check the schedule. Yamagasa runs through the street from the early morning on some days.